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Powerco is a worldwide quality supplier of widest range of conveyor chains from any manufacturer and for any application in industries that require conveyor chains. 


The company is able to offer an infinite number of chain types in a variety of materials and constructions for a multiplicity of industry mechanical handling applications such as: Cement, Asphalt, Mining and many more.

High quality products are available in any required measurements, at very competitive price levels with comparative quality and full technical support.


"Quality products with attractive prices,

in the shortest lead-time supply"

Cement Industry Chains

Powerco can meet any special demand for material transport in the cement & asphalt industry. This refers to the majority of chains encountered, starting in the quarry with heavy duty plate feeder chains, stockpiling and reclaiming of raw materials including limestone, shale, coal, gypsum, hot clinker transport, elevators for various duties, ancillary equipment in precipitator dust handling, packaging and alternative fuel conveying.


The cast link chain production made of iron and steel of the highest qualities. Manganese steel or Hadfield steel is typical in clinker drags where the harsh environment encountered is well suited to this material which exhibits unique hardening characteristics.


The preference in newer equipment is to carry the clinker in buckets or pans using perimeter chains and outboard rollers.


Chains for the cement industry have particular strength in mill duty elevators. Drawn from long experience, this chain design is suitable for single strand centrifugal discharge elevators and for Crusader welded steel drag link which has been well received in both retrofit and new applications.


Powerco suggests the usage of conveyor chains in asphalt production where hot handling and abrasion where chains are a pre-requisite. The principal applications include hot stone elevating with chain and buckets from the dryer, drag slat for asphalt transport to heated bins, inclined pan systems typically seen in batch plants and various drag bar chains used in pavers.


The company is well placed to fulfil requirements for both American standards where drag slats are predominant, and European types where static plants with hot stone elevators are more typical.


The chains for the asphalt industry comply with the standard in chains which cover a range of crank link steel bush chains produced to a high specification. The chains produced by original equipment manufacturers over many years have demonstrated a proven performance.


Asphalt Industry Chains

  • Sugar Industry Chains

  • Timber Industry Chains

  • Theme Park Chains

  • Palm Oil Industry Conveyor

  • Cereals Processing Chains

  • Mining Chains


Other Industries


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