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Metal and Eddy current Detectors



Magnets and self-cleaning Suspended Magnetic Separators

Both manual and self-cleaning Suspended Magnetic Separators are available in electromagnetic and permanent magnet styles. These magnetic separators automatically remove large amounts of ferrous from nonferrous materials conveyed in heavy burden depths on almost any type of conveyor or chute. 

Magnetic Drums


Magnetic Drums automatically remove large and small pieces of tramp iron contamination from material processing lines. 


Crisscross, agitating or rare earth magnet circuits provide a variety of separation solutions to many different tramp iron problems.

Magnets & Metal Detectors

Magnetic Pulley


It is possible to convert a feed conveyor to a continuously self-cleaning magnetic separator by adding a Magnetic Pulley.  


A new axial interpole magnetic field removes unwanted tramp iron from nonmagnetic materials conveyed on a belt.


Pulleys are constructed from quality steel centre tubes with weld-ed dividers to securely hold magnet stacks. Standard pulley models use powerful ceramic magnets in an axial interpole circuit. Pulleys have an all-welded heavy duty construction for use in severe applications involv-ing extra long conveyors, heavy loads or start–stop operations. Pulleys are finish painted and their hub bore holes are coated to prevent rust or pitting. Options available in the magnetic pulley line include custom pulley face widths, shafts and lagging.


Powerco offers quality products to move materials safely and protect expensive equipment from costly damage caused by tramp metal. These products meet the rugged demands of the aggregates industry.


Innovative devices are available from one of the biggest manufacturers in the world for material handling, magnetic separation and metal Eddy current detection.


We provide solutions that help maintain the integrity of our products, protect downstream equipment, improve efficiencies and allow more profit in the competitive marketplace.

"Quality products with attractive prices,

in the shortest lead-time supply"

The Detectors are designed to detect ferrous, nonferrous and non-magnetic stainless steel metals found in limestone, rock and coal.
They also serve for other similar applications.

Both lines feature models that are durable and easy to install. Metal is detected as it passes over or through or above the coils. 

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