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Trucks parts

Powerco is a worldwide quality supplier of OEM and After-Market parts for most leading trucks & off road vehicle brands, such as: Daf, Mercedes, Iveco, Volvo, Renault, Scania, Terex, Perlini and others.


We not only offer you premium parts but also an exceptional service, considerable savings and the support you need to get your order quickly and accurately.


Our aim is to provide you with great quality parts at a good value.


Powerco supplies the parts from the largest manufacturers in the world, producing high quality parts for your trucks & industrial vehicles.

"Quality products with attractive prices,

in the shortest lead-time supply"


  • Oil pumps

  • Turbo charger

  • Fly wheels

  • Crank shafts

  • Cylinder blocks

  • Oil coolers

OEM & After-Market trucks parts


  • Shoes

  • Discs

  • Brake levers

  • Pads

  • Brake callipers

  • Drums

       Other parts

  • Pneumatic suspensions

  • Engine shock absorbers

  • Rebuild kits

  • Filters

  • Exhaust

  • Tanks

  • Washers and spare parts

  • Telescopic hoists

  • Tie rod ends

  • Longitudinal tie rods

      Electrical spare parts

  • Alternators

  • Batteries

  • Bulbs

  • Starter motors

  • Lights

  • and more...

       Tubes, bushings, couplings

       & Pneumatic systems

  • Bushings for press-fitting couplings

  • Press-fitting couplings

  • Very high pressure pipes

  • Medium and high pressure pipes

  • Quick couplings

  • Compressors

  • Compressed air equipment

  • Nipples

        Pneumatic pipes,

        Couplings & Accessories

  • Couplings

  • Clutch discs & gearbox

  • Fridges

  • Tachograph discs

  • Snow chains


  • Hydraulic control units

  • Hydraulic cylinders

  • Cylinder components

  • Manual valves

  • Seals

Cylinder Blocks

Cylinder Heads

Crank Shafts

Fly Wheels

Rebuil Kits

Oil Pumps


Trailer Control Valves

Belt Tensioners

Steering Boxes

Viscous Fans

Water Pumps





Brake Shoes

Brake Pads

Foot Brake Valves

Lift Pumps

Trailer Control Valves


Spring Brakes


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