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Diesel Generators


Powerco delivers diesel generators from 10 to 2,000 KVA built with the leading engine and alternator manufacturer brands.


A wide range of advanced power generators is available, including industrial generators, permitting Powerco to supply its customers with standby or continuous power solutions perfectly tailored for their needs.


Power generators, both new and refurbished, are provided by Powerco to meet a variety of challenges and requirements, from reliable on-demand electricity for individual sites to cost-effective base load. The mobile generators sold to clients feature low and reduced noise levels.

"Quality products with attractive prices,

in the shortest lead-time supply"

Diesel Genertors without canopy

 Diesel Genertors with canopy

Mobile Diesel Generator

Any parts for any diesel generator may be ordered from Powerco, especially parts manufactured by leading engine brands such as: Cummins, Perkins, Doosan, Volvo and principal alternator Manufacturers such as: Stamford, Mecc Alte &  Leroy-Somer.

Diesel Generators from 10-2,000 KVA

Diesel Genertors with Canopy


Powerco supplies diesel generators from 10-2,000 KVA with significant features and benefits, including:


  • Highly economical electricity generation

  • Total flexibility for any needs

  • Minimal environmental impact, leading emission-reduction technology

  • User-friendly engine and generator control interface for high quality performance and quick response

  • Cost-effective maintenance

  • One-stop-shop for all power solution requirements including spare parts

  • Silent operation generators and low-noise application

  • Highest International quality and safety standards – for all generators



Powerco supplies industrial diesel generators for the standby, emergency backup, prime & mobile generator markets, and for any required application  

Spare Parts for Diesel Generators 

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