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Rollers type:


  • Heavy duty rollers

  • Impact rollers

  • Rollers with sprockets

  • Plastic rollers

  • Gravity rollers

  • Conical rollers

  • Rollers with precision bearing

  • Rollers for mines

  • Friction driven rollers

  • Spiral cleaning rollers

  • Drums

  • Brackets


Heavy Duty - Conveyor Rollers


Premium heavy duty rollers are supplied by Powerco for quarry and machinery conveyors. These heavy rollers are obtained from one of the biggest European roller manufacturers, ensuring the best quality based on more than 50 years of manufacturing experience.


One can order from Powerco rollers for many applications such as quarries, crushing and screening, recycling and demolition, tunnelling, power plant installation, rubber conveyor belts, conveyor idlers and more.

Sealing system


The premium heavy-duty rollers have a unique sealing system and 4 levels of dust entrance prevention.




Brackets of all dimensions can be supplied by Powerco.


For various applications in any required angle and shape.


"Quality products with attractive prices,

in the shortest lead-time supply"

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